Services + Facilities

Great rooms for focus groups, board meetings, workshops, UX tests, interviews...

Our rooms have everything you need for your meeting, workshop, brainstorm, interview, UX test or focus group (and if they don’t, we’ll get it for you!)

  • Whiteboard/butcher’s paper/pens/notepads/blu tack/sticky notes
  • HDTV with HDMI/VGA connection to your laptop
  • Shelving for concept boards/materials/goods display
  • Viewing room with one way mirror
  • HD video recording to USB
  • Separate audio recording
  • Superfast HD Live streaming
  • WiFi/Superfast broadband

Support crew – Our staff are on site whenever you need the rooms to welcome you & your clients and to ensure you have all your meeting needs covered.
Room flexibility – We love a challenge and will happily re-work the standard room set-up to suit your project.
People – We check in your meeting participants and make sure they are looked after until you are ready to kick off your meeting.
Sustenance – We manage all your food and drink options so neither you nor your clients flake out when you get deep into your work!
Keeping a note of it – if you need a transcript of your meeting we can organise the fastest and most accurate typist in the west.