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The Powerhouse

The Powerhouse - Sydney Meeting room for hire

This room gives you light and space to power up big ideas and strategies, with a serious boardroom table and seating for up to 12 big thinkers. (5.44m x 4.65m)  | Services & Facilities

The Powerhouse Viewing Room

The Powerhouse Viewing Room - image

Lots of room and comfy seats for a happy crowd of 8 to watch the powerful ideas unfold. | Services & Facilities

Work-out Room

Sleeves rolled up and ready for work this room is the place for focussed and productive activity. Lots of natural light keeps everyone on task – seats up to 9 active doers around a central table. (5.66m x 3.12m) | Services & Facilities

Work-out Viewing Room

Comfy seats and space for a crowd of 9 people to witness hard work in the next room. | Services & Facilities

Big Blue Sky Room


With a huge window to the sky creativity flourishes in this room with seating for up to 11 people and space around the big table to walk, talk and let the ideas flow. (4.67m x 4.61m) | Services & Facilities


Big Blue Sky Viewing Room


Plenty of room and seating for 6 people to watch lively ideas being released. | Services & Facilities


Finders Keepers Room


There’s nowhere to hide in this cosy room – get up close and personal to unearth the beautiful thought gems that have been hidden until now. 8 people can gather around the table, but it has been known to seat 10! (4.51mx 3.19m) | Services & Facilities

Finders Keepers Viewing Room


Finders Keepers Viewing Room

Seating for 4 (5 at a push) with direct view of the gems being unearthed. | Services & Facilities

Tell it like it is Room

This room is private and relaxed for easy going conversation and exploratory discussion. There are no office features here so settle in and enjoy the chat. | Services & Facilities